Take Me Out To The Ball Game

In case you weren't aware, baseball season is officially in full swing! So before you start checking sites for the best ticket prices and accepting invites from clients to hang in the corporate suites let's talk about what to wear...

Growing up in southern New Jersey meant I had two choices in terms of a MLB team, the New York Yankees or the Philadelphia Phillies, and with my Grandfather being a die-hard Yankees fan there really was no question – Go Yankees! I think as a kid I went to one major league game but luckily I got my fill from going to minor league games at the stadium that was one town over. As an adult working in NYC I am fortunate enough to be able to hop on the subway, grab a beer at The Dugout beforehand and catch a game anytime during the season. With Derek Jeter’s recent retirement I decided it was finally time to break down and buy one of The Captain's jerseys.

One of the biggest challenges female fans face is finding sports apparel that is not only fashionable but also flattering and functional. It took quite some time for major league sports to offer women’s apparel and when they finally did it seemed to be that the only idea was to “shrink it and pink it.” Meaning that the leagues took their typical men’s athletic wear, shrunk it down and dyed it pink in hope of tapping into the female sports fan market. This approach probably seemed like a good idea at the time to the men who most likely came up with it, but thankfully after a few seasons someone with fashion sense stepped in to put an end to the Elle Woods-esque madness.

As a football fan I've purchased my fair share of NFL apparel and jerseys over the years but I hadn't really had much experience with MLB apparel outside of the t-shirts plucked from my little brother’s closet. Majestic Athletic produces the official game jerseys and gear for the MLB and thankfully has a handle on how to tastefully outfit their female fans.

The first time I tried on a jersey from their women’s line I was pleasantly surprised at how flattering the cut was while still staying true to the on-field design. If you've ever been stuck purchasing a “Youth Large” as an alternative to the pink sparkles you know exactly what I’m talking about. Majestic Athletic offers two different styles of women’s jerseys; the more classic Replica jersey and the Cool Base jersey.

Unfortunately they don’t make the Authentic jerseys in women’s sizes but the Replica style incorporates some of the Authentic features such as a higher neckline, double top button and slightly longer cut in the back. To be honest I can’t really find too much of a difference between the two in terms of the fit, but definitely keep in mind that they seem to run a bit on the small side. If you plan on attending a game later in the season you might want to be able to fit a few layers underneath so I’d suggest buying a size up.

Don’t worry about sizing up in the early part of the season because an open jersey with a solid tank, matching Keds in team colors and a cute pair of shorts or boyfriend jeans is a look any woman can pull off!



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