OPI Fashion Plate Giveaway

The end of Summer and beginning of Fall is always an exciting time for sports fans.

Football fanatics are busy prepping their grills for tailgates, feuding with strangers on twitter, and immersing themselves in the crazy world of Fantasy...all in the name of a new season ahead.

For MLB fans the change in the season can only mean one of two things: their World Series dreams have either been shattered, or they are looking bright and scruffy with their playoff beards getting longer by the day.

The MLB Postseason gets started this week with the Oakland A's heading to Kansas City to take on the Royals in the American League Wild Card Game. Now I'm not a huge baseball buff, but I can certainly appreciate America's pastime. While at a Mets game earlier in the season I decided to check out what their shop had to offer in terms of women's apparel. It was pretty grim, but one item that instantly caught my eye was the OPI Fashion Plate Collection.

The collection features a suite of classic team colors for the many women of baseball whether fans, supporters, players' wives or even moms. I wish they had produced colors for every team, but the 7 that did make the cut are gorgeous nonetheless.

  • Short --- STOP
  • Love Athletes in Cleats
  • Orange You Going to the Game?
  • Right Off the Bat
  • 7th Inning Strrretch
  • Umpires Come Out at Night
  • Girls Love Diamonds

Whether your team is looking like a pack of mountain men still in the World Series hunt or if you are wiping away tears of defeat - what better way to get ready for the MLB playoffs than with a great mani?!

To celebrate the start of the postseason I've decided to give away two (2) OPI Fashion Plate Mini Hitters sets! Each set includes 6 mini (3.75ML) Fashion Plate shades.

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  1. Yankees Baby!!! Ok, and mebbe Padres too. :)

  2. Ooh I like the 7th inning stretch color!

  3. Basic bitches love the Yankees. And so do I.

  4. The St. Louis Cardinals are my favorite team.

  5. Pittsburgh Pirates girl here all the way!

  6. I'm a Dodgers girl. Thank you for having the giveaway!

  7. I don't really follow baseball, but being from Minnesota, I have to root for my home team, the Minnesota Twins.

  8. I like the Cincinnati Reds. Thank you, Paula C.

  9. I'm an extremely disappointed Reds fan. Oh well at least the Bengals were looking good until Sunday, but that was only one game. I'm still optimistic for a great year!

  10. The Orioles for sure, I'm a B-more gal, and we're gonna win this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I've been a Yankees fan for years!

  12. i sooo love them all - altough have no idea what teams

  13. Yankees cara11286@yahoo.com