"Fantasy Football Fantasy" and the MannBros


"Its like football sandwiched in a fantasy..." 

Football is back.
This can mean many things, but most importantly today it means the Manning brothers and DirecTV are back at it with a follow-up to last year's "Football on your Phone" titled "Fantasy Football Fantasy".

I'll be honest, I sometimes wonder what substances are ingested before creating the story lines for these masterpieces, or perhaps it's just truly from the weird boyish mind of Eli himself. Either way they never fail to produce an entertaining spot. This year DirecTV and the MannBros gifted us a full length music video (complete with cameo's from Joe Namath and Chris Johnson) to introduce DirecTV's Fantasy Zone Channel. Now, I'm not entirely sure Broadway Joe and my Mom making stew would be the best thing to happen to me, but the image is definitely worth a laugh. 

*Disclaimer* - I am not liable for any injuries caused by co-workers after reaching their breaking point listening to you singing "Fantasy, fantasy, football fantasy..." all.freaking.day. 

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