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The end of Summer and beginning of Fall is always an exciting time for sports fans.

Football fanatics are busy prepping their grills for tailgates, feuding with strangers on twitter, and immersing themselves in the crazy world of Fantasy...all in the name of a new season ahead.

For MLB fans the change in the season can only mean one of two things: their World Series dreams have either been shattered, or they are looking bright and scruffy with their playoff beards getting longer by the day.

Ladies With Game Tailgate with Jessie James Decker

Photo by John Parra

Every football fan has their own definition of when the "Official" start of the NFL season takes place. Some will argue it begins with the Draft, some say pre-season, and some will adamantly argue that the season does not start until the whistle blows at kickoff for the season opener.

A Walk to Believe with Eric LeGrand

A Walk to Believe/Brian Hester

This year marked the 4th annual A Walk to Believe event hosted by Eric LeGrand at Rutgers University's High Point Solutions Stadium. 

As a former Scarlet Knights player, Eric was injured in October of 2010 during a game against the Army Black Knights. This injury left him paralyzed from the neck down, robbing him of movement, but not of his incredible spirit. Since then he has been a non-stop force in helping raise funds and awareness for spinal cord injuries. 

"We Like Sportz"

It's a pretty aggressive week in the sports world. We've got the Stanley Cup Finals, The World Cup, U.S. Open, NBA Finals...I'm sure there's some baseball in there somewhere, and I'm sure Johnny Manziel will turn up by the weekend somewhere with Miss USA Nia Sanchez.

So on that note please enjoy this The Lonely Island gem...