Playbook Wine Series

Women love wine. Fact.

Some women also love football...after all, we do make up almost 44% of the NFL's fan base. With that in mind, when I found out Victor Green (formerly of the NY Jets) had launched a line of tailgating wines I knew it was time to get White Girl Wasted and see what all the fuss was about...

After learning that Victor and I shared a mutual business contact I did what any wine loving 20-something would do...stalked my contact until he gave me Victor’s info, called up a former NFL starter and said "Hey bro, lemmie get some of that vino?”

Ok, maybe that's a lie.

That’s not quite what I said at all.

But I did manage to get my hands on a few bottles and seemed to have no trouble rounding up some of my girlfriends for a little wine tasting and Sunday football soirée.

The cool thing about this line is that each bottle in the Playbook Wine Series is named after an actual play straight from its respective team's playbook. The label on the front of each bottle features the team colors and a diagram of the title play. 

The girls & I all agreed that this is a perfect way to tone down the "fancy" wine stigma and keep the Playbook Wines true to their football roots. After all if I'm gonna pop a cork instead of cracking a beer in the parking lot I'd much rather choose the bottle labeled "Ride 35 Gut" or "21 Blitz" over a box of Franzia.

And if the front of the bottle wasn't clever enough for ya, the back label on each bottle features a cute blurb (maybe I should call it a Haiku? Limerick? Who knows, I'm not an English major) referencing an important part of each franchise's history.

For example, the Giants merlot has this written on the back in reference to how the team began from just a $500 investment by Tim Mara in 1925. (Yes, ladies - the NYG cost Mr. Mara less than this pair of Louboutins)

Along with the Merlots, the big sister to the Playbook Wine series is the Champion Series Cabernet Sauvignon. The top of each Champion Series bottle is dipped in colored wax to represent a specific championship team depending on the age of the wine. So for example, the 2008 bottles that we tasted were Green & Yellow representing the Packers and Black & Yellow for the Steelers to commemorate their Championship wins that season.

My girlfriends and I did run into a slight problem when attempting to open the Champion Series bottles. My advice to you is - unless you happen to have a set of NFL caliber muscles handy, you're probably going to need to chisel some of the wax off these babies before uncorking.

Ok, so enough about the pretty bottles and clever names, let’s get down to business here and discuss how these fermented grapes taste. 

Typically, I’m not one to brag, but I did get the opportunity to attend a wine education seminar at work this past summer. I could be wrong, but I think that qualifies me as a connoisseur right?...No? Well either way it's still always fun to pretend. The girls and I all had our own techniques for taste-testing the wines, which ranged from swirling, sniffing, and swishing to checking out the wine’s “Legs.” Not surprisingly we all somehow managed to forgo the "spit" technique.

Out of the three types we so rigorously tested everyone seemed to have different favorites. Overall I'd say the Merlot was the most popular of the three. The official description says the flavor was designed to match with any food and I have to say I agree. It's a smooth red with hints of black fruits and it smells amazing. This was one of those wines that’s aroma hits you the second you uncork the bottle and you know you’re going to love it. The Champion Series Cabernet Sauvignon has a bolder taste and is a bit more on the dry side. Our general opinion was that the Champion Series is more of a special occasion wine and that the Playbook Series Merlots would be our choice for an “everyday wine” or tailgating. I’ll definitely be putting a bottle of the Champion Series out for my Super Bowl party.

Victor’s personal bottle, the 21 Blitz Sauvignon Blanc, was the only white wine in the group but we all agreed that it was a refreshing change from the fruity go-to Pinot Grigio. As someone who primarily sticks to reds, I enjoyed the 21 Blitz because while you could still distinctly taste the grapefruit and citrus, it had just the right blend without triggering flashbacks of those horrible white wine hangovers in college. And don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. We all went through the "Ohh I don't drink beer, I prefer wine" stage while simultaneously gulping down the fruitiest bottle of cheap white we could find. You have my word on this one, I promise, 21 Blitz is perfect.

So if you’d like to snag a bottle for yourself or maybe even as a cool surprise for your man you are in luck – you can order the wine online here. Even if your man isn’t a wine lover, who knows maybe you can change his mind or at least get him to stop giving you lip about refusing to drink beer on game day.

I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Victor for setting my girls and me up with the fuel for a great Sunday wine soirée. 

If you aren’t already familiar with his site I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Victor and his team go beyond the typical interviews to bring behind the scenes coverage of the sports industry. You can also follow them on twitter @ClassActSports or if you prefer Facebook be sure to like their page here.

I can't forget to say Thank You to my little sister for acting as our photographer for the evening and of course my girlfriends as well for coming over to taste the wines and offer their input. We may not have actually gotten White Girl Wasted...but we did all have a great time. 

So remember, if you are going to indulge in the amazing-ness that the Playbook Wine Series has to offer, please drink responsibly :)

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