Football Strawberries

Have you ever been perusing around Pinterest and come across a pin that made you think "OMG that looks so easy! Why didn't I think of that?"

That was me when I saw this photo:

Looks easy enough right?

Unless you're Martha Stewart's kin and happen to be a professional photographer as well, then these babies won't come out looking like perfectly dressed pigskins on your first try. But hey, if you have the secret by all means please comment below and show me how it's done. 

A few weeks back I had my girlfriends over for a wine & football party and decided what better time to test out my strawberry decorating skills than 10min before my girls arrived.
Heads up: don't wait until the last min to try something for the first time.
This approach will almost always end badly or with someone losing an eye. Thankfully I did not lose an eye, but I did have to endure the sweet criticism of my sisters and girlfriends when they saw my ugly little chocolate creations. 

If you're brave enough to attempt to top my "Pinterest Fail" then I'll leave you with these tips and my recipe.

Nestle's Semi-sweet (or milk chocolate) chocolate chips
Oil (corn or vegetable) approx. 1tbsp/1cup of choc chips
White cake decorating frosting
Cookie sheet and wax paper

Step 1:
Pour the chocolate chips and oil into a microwave safe bowl or if you choose, you can heat the chocolate on the stove too. The oil keeps the chocolate creamy and smooth when melting and its easier to dip. Microwave for 20sec and then stir. Make sure you only microwave for 20sec at a time stirring in between. DO NOT microwave longer than 20sec unless you want to end up with a burnt ball of chocolate. You'll know if you burnt the chocolate because it will start to clump up - if so, start over.

Step 2:
Before dipping make sure your strawberries are COMPLETELY DRY and room temp. If the strawberries are not dry your chocolate will slide off and the strawberries will get mushy. Same thing goes if they are not room temp - dipping cold strawberries into hot chocolate will cause them to sweat and you will experience the same mushy mess. I don't think I've ever met anyone who enjoys mushy strawberries, so do your guests a favor take my advice on that one.

Step 3:
Once the chocolate is melted dip the strawberries and lay them on the wax paper to cool. It is important you use wax paper because otherwise the chocolate will harden to the cookie sheet. When you finish dipping all of the strawberries in chocolate place them in the freezer for about 10min to set. After the strawberries have hardened in the freezer its time to start the fun part. 
Grab your white icing and have at it!

There really is no right or wrong way to make a football. As you can see from my pictures my girlfriends and I tried several different designs. It's going to take me some practice before mine look like those that the Pinterest Gods post, but hey, at least they tasted good.

Let me know if any of you ladies have better luck, until then I'm going to continue perfecting my little Quasimodo treats :) 

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