Team Spirit Wreath

It's that time of year again! Stores are practically giving away leftover holiday why not take advantage of their generosity, grab some items in your team's favorite colors, fire up the glue gun and get at it?

I've never attempted to make a wreath of any kind before so if you're in the same boat don't worry. Constructing something that looks good was not as difficult as those Pinterest gurus make it seem, I promise...

Luckily most stores are trying to get rid of their holiday inventory so you should be able to find items for almost 70% off. I think in total my supplies cost only about $15-$17.00!

Here's a list of things you will need...

- Grapevine Wreath - Choose whatever size you think will work best for you. Be sure to check the shape of the wreath, sometimes they are not all perfectly round since they are made from actual vines. It's probably a good idea to remove any excess leaves or random twigs that my be sticking out. 

- Ornaments (about 50 or so) - I prefer shatterproof plastic simply because of my habit of stepping on, dropping, and sitting on ornaments. But don't worry, glass ornaments are fine too, just be careful. Keep in mind, it's good to mix textures, colors and sizes too.

- Ribbon/Garland - Different textures and colors are easy to acheive with ribbon or garland and if you can find a pre-made bow in the color you need make sure you grab one of those as well.

- Glue Gun - If you don't own one you can pick one up at almost every craft store. I got mine at Michael's for about $7.00. Don't forget to buy glue sticks....lots of glue sticks.

- Random chotchkies- or something relating to your team or sport. I found these little footballs for $.59 and a NYG ornament for $2.00!

Find a spot where you can spread out.

Don't ask me why but I find that having the DIY Network (or Martha Stewart) on in the background gets the creative juices flowing. Maybe it's more of a false sense of security and I subconsciously can't stomach the thought of failing in the presence of the Glue Gun Queen. Ether way just find somewhere comfortable lay down some newspaper and get crackin'.

First things first - pull off the clasps at the top of the ornaments that the hooks attach to 

Determine which area of the wreath will be the top. Tie a piece of ribbon as a marker before you start going crazy with the glue gun. If you want you can wrap the ribbon all the way around your wreath and secure before adding the ornaments. I skipped right to the ornaments and used the ribbon as filler. 

Start adding your ornaments to the wreath by heavily gluing the end of the ornament that had the clasp.

This makes it easy to tuck the ornaments between the vines. Hold steady in place until glue begins to harden. 
Stagger your ornaments by size, color, and texture. I placed all my larger ornaments first and used the smaller ones to fill the gaps. If you are using only one size it might be best to keep an alternating pattern of two deep and three deep from the inside of the wreath.

Once you have the ornaments attached use your ribbon, garland and chotchkies to fill in the gaps.

I decided to use a blue bow at the top of my wreath and found a NYG ornament for $2(!!) that I attached to the center of the bow.
Last but not least I added some touches of red (for $.19 each!!) and used a bit of fishing wire on the back for hanging. 


Not too shabby for my first wreath if ya ask me.


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  3. your red white and blue wreath is amazing very patriotic it looks striking!

    1. Thanks Rachel! Glad you like it :)

  4. in the UK we make holly wreathes on red ribbon which we hang from large over sized vine trees

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