Restore The Shore

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 3 weeks then I'm sure you are aware of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to the East Coast. I'm going to spare you the pictures of the ruined homes, flooded streets and distraught residents. I want to focus on the positive - communities coming together to spread hope, raise funds and help out with the relief efforts.

I grew up at the Jersey Shore and many people may only know our towns as the place where MTV drunks go to get wasted and hook up in a shore house - but for those of us that live here year round and call these towns home it is so much more. Our residents aren't Guidos and Guidettes running around drunk with orange tans and awful accents. We are working families that appreciate the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches that we call home. These boardwalks and businesses were some family's livelihoods...washed away in a matter of hours. This is our home, it was destroyed, and we WILL rebuild it.

In the days and weeks following the storm the Shore has seen countless acts of kindness and examples of why we continuously use the term #JerseyStrong.

In addition to the first responders and power crews from across the nation that have shown their round-the-clock support for our towns and residents I would like to thank the sports organizations around the area for bringing some smiles to my home town.

Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds grew up around the corner from me in Toms River and stopped by the Toms River East Little League fields with Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets to lend a hand with supplies and distributing donations.

The New Jersey Devils mascot visited the Toms River Elks club with t-shirts and goodies for the volunteers and residents.

The NY Giants visited my high school which was turned into a shelter for residents that were evacuated as a result of the storm. 

When you're an outsider seeing the photos plastered across every media outlet it's hard to comprehend what these people are going through. But when it's your home being shown on the news even the simplest visit from NFL players, an NHL mascot, and a hometown MLB hero can bring a feeling of hope.

So with that I say Thank You.

Thank you for bringing smiles to the faces of the children and adults of the Jersey Shore.

If you're looking to help out and like the T-shirt in the photo at the top of this post as much as I did please visit Ergo Clothing's website and place an order. All proceeds from the sale of the shirts goes to local Sandy relief efforts.

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