Flea Flicker Fruit Fluff

Flea Flicker:
A trick play in football that occurs when the QB hands the ball off laterally to a teammate, usually a running back, who fakes a run but before crossing the line of scrimmage (the blue line across the field when you're watching on TV), tosses the ball back to the QB who then finds a receiver down the field to pass.

Ok remember when you were younger and little Johnny stole the Barbie you were playing with during recess? Then he tosses it to Bobby who is standing next to him a few feet away and just as you start running to Bobby he tosses it back to Johnny. Now as you're running back to Johnny and thinking "Great, I hate Monkey in the Middle!" he throws it forward across the playground to that kid who's always picking his nose. Newsflash - the boys just pulled a flea flicker on you and poor Barbie now has boogers in her hair.

#LadyNFLTip: The Flea Flicker was created by University of Illinois coach Bob Zuppke who named the play after the imagery of "the quick flicking action of a dog getting rid of fleas"

I'm going to assume Barbie is a classy lady and enjoys Grand Marnier so I'd like to share one of the many amazing recipes that my mother picked up while swapping ideas with fellow military wives and simultaneously wiping my tears when the boys next door would steal our toys...


Pretty freakin' cute right?

I've gotten so many compliments on this tee and had to share - best part? The design can be printed on any shirt you want! Long sleeve, short sleeve, v-neck, burnout, etc.

I opted for the short sleeve burnout so I can wear a long sleeve underneath in my team colors :)

You can find it on zazzle.com

Happy Shopping!

Restore The Shore

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 3 weeks then I'm sure you are aware of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to the East Coast. I'm going to spare you the pictures of the ruined homes, flooded streets and distraught residents. I want to focus on the positive - communities coming together to spread hope, raise funds and help out with the relief efforts.

I grew up at the Jersey Shore and many people may only know our towns as the place where MTV drunks go to get wasted and hook up in a shore house - but for those of us that live here year round and call these towns home it is so much more. Our residents aren't Guidos and Guidettes running around drunk with orange tans and awful accents. We are working families that appreciate the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches that we call home. These boardwalks and businesses were some family's livelihoods...washed away in a matter of hours. This is our home, it was destroyed, and we WILL rebuild it.

In the days and weeks following the storm the Shore has seen countless acts of kindness and examples of why we continuously use the term #JerseyStrong.

In addition to the first responders and power crews from across the nation that have shown their round-the-clock support for our towns and residents I would like to thank the sports organizations around the area for bringing some smiles to my home town.

Kisses for our Troops

Happy Veteran's Day to my Daddy and all of the past, present and future Veterans! 

Happy Pinning!

I'm sure many of you are on Pinterest already and are probably just as addicted as I am, but on the off chance that you are reading this and haven't taken advantage yet -- DO IT! DO IT NOW! 

No seriously, its a great place to swap ideas, pick up DIY tricks, and discover quick new recipes. Hell, even if you don't want to pin anything at least follow some boards to get your own creative juices flowing and get inspired. 

You can follow me on Pinterest at OvrtimeWithKiki  - I'm still trying to figure out how to get the "Pin It" button to work on here, but please feel free to pin anything you see on my site!