Man Candles

I’m a BIG fan of Yankee Candles so I was excited to learn that they came out with a ManCandle line. Now I know what you’re thinking – Man Candles? How could they possibly smell good??

Well don’t worry I marched myself over to the mall to buy one and test it out…

They have 4 different scents available:
Riding Mower - smells like a mixture of fresh cut grass and citrus or summer air.

2x4seriously this one smells like the lumber aisle in Home Depot..I might have to go back and buy one.

First Downthink footballs and crisp autumn air.

Man Town - didn't phase me, think men’s cologne and pretty much a rip-off of Midsummer’s Night just with a man-cave and a TV pictured on the jar. But I guess that's so you can get away with putting this one in the cave without your man throwing a fit ;)

Obviously being that it is football season I went with First Down….smells like a mixture of leather & grass and is honestly a perfect addition to your man-cave for this time of year. The scent isn't too strong for the amount of money you are spending but if it makes your man’s haven smell better than dirty socks go for it!

#LadyNFLtip: A First Down is basically what happens when the team that has possession of the ball moves 10yds down the field in 4 tries. If they don't get a First Down in 4 tries or less then they have to give possession to the other team. If they do get a First Down then they continue down the field 10yrds at a time in the same format until they score. 

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