A night with Top Shelf Tailgate

If you've ever been in the vicinity of lot E24 at Met Life Stadium before any Jets or Giants game in the past few years you may have noticed a new breed of tailgating taking over the lot - Top Shelf Tailgate.

What’s the difference between a Top Shelf Tailgate and an ordinary tailgate you ask? Imagine trying to cut down a tree in the yard using a KMart 14inch electric chainsaw as opposed to manning up and using the Husqvarna 24inch. Or better yet, if you're a lady think Wet ‘n Wild vs MAC cosmetics. 

I wasn't sure what to expect my first time tailgating with Charlie and his crew, but after experiencing this awesomeness firsthand, it’d be a sin not to spread the word…

Tops Shelf's tailgates have become the talk of the lot at Met Life over the past few years with parties that can grow upwards of 250 tailgaters all enjoying the games, having a few drinks, devouring the food and just having an all around great time. 

The most important aspect of the Top Shelf Tailgate experience: No set up, just show up. Yup, that’s right, the Top Shelf crew does all of the set up AND clean up for the tailgate. Typically, when you’re drinking cans of beer out of the back of your car pre-game, there’s nowhere to throw your garbage. HUGE PROBLEM, meaning you are either forced to take it home or you can take the lazy approach and leave it in the lot (which drives me nuts!). The Top Shelf team sets up before you arrive & even cleans everything up after you head into the stadium. 

Next most important ingredient for an awesome tailgate…booze. 

And let me tell ya, Top Shelf has this on lock. Fully stocked bar complete with cute bartenders and 2 kegerators built into the trailer. And btw, the Topshelfettes don't skimp on the booze either: The girls make great drinks and even go around every half hour blowing their whistles to signal when it's time for a round of shots! 

And then there's the food...Ohh.My.God..the food.

Filet mignon, rice balls, burgers, hotdogs, sausage & peppers, sauerkraut, salad, name a tailgate food and it's there. You tell the Top Shelf team what you want and they make it happen. 
Can I please recommend the rice balls? Charlie's sister is the mastermind behind this recipe and they are to die for...I'm on a personal mission to convince her to get together with me for a "how-to" so I can share the recipe with the rest of  you. 

As if the booze, food and no hassle setup weren't enough Top Shelf kicks it up a notch with pretty much every tailgate game under the sun.

The Top Shelf team sets up games like corn hole, beer pong, basket pong, and point pong. Ohh and did I mention the Top Shelf trailer has 4 TVs built in along with DirectTV Satellite, an Xbox system, iPod dock and the occasional professional DJ to blast whatever playlist you’re in the mood for! 

For the ladies I going to go ahead and say that the best part of a Top Shelf Tailgate experience is the private restroom. 

No need to use a smelly, sticky, gross Mr. John. The bathroom is clean, has toilet paper, a sink AND SOAP to wash your hands. There's even a mirror for touching up your lip gloss after stuffing your face with ribs and rice balls :)

Do yourself a favor and check out their site www.topshelftailgate.com - Like their Facebook page - and don't forget to follow the team on Twitter @TopShelfTailg8

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  1. That's my dude Charlie! He is the man. Best tailgate in the country from Soup to Nuts!