Crab Rolls right off the "Chop Block"

A Chop Block in football happens when an offensive player (O) - the guys with possession of the ball - tries to cut off a defensive player (X) - the guys protecting the goal/endzone - by coming from behind or from the side while the X  is already engaged with another O player...Basically the X is is caught completely off-guard by Os and pretty much defenseless to the chop.

Imagine being in TJMaxx eyeing a beautiful Michael Kors bag for half the normal retail price and you are distracted by womanZ complimenting your shoes while womanY swipes the bag off the rack when your back is turned. Cheap shot, but it's happened to us all.

#LadyNFLtip: Chop Blocks are illegal in the NFL and usually result in a 15yd penalty

Anywayyyy, when I saw this recipe from Pillsbury I knew I needed to try it out ASAP. Comparing it to a Chop Block is're going to be so distracted by how cheap and easy this is that your man is going to eat them all while you're still texting your girlfriends to brag...

Chop Block Crescent Rolls

2 packages crescent rolls
1 package crab meat
1/2 cup mayo
Green onion
10oz cream cheese
Cayenne pepper

Step 1: Put your crescent rolls in the fridge!! Warm dough is too hard to work with and sticks to everything. Trust me.

Ok, next the chop crab meat to your liking. I used imitation crab and it tasted fine, no need to spend $25 in a can of real meat. Next chop the green onion - I used 2 stalks but felt it was a little over powering so I'd recommend just one. Again, totally your own preference.

Don't forget to preheat your oven to 375!

Step 2: Soften cream cheese and mix with mayo in a large bowl. Depending on how soft your cream cheese is there will be chunks. Stir until the mixture is completely smooth. Then mix in your crab meat and green onions.

Step 3: Season the mixture with cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper and whatever else your inner Betty Crocker desires. I like my food a little on the spicy side so I added about 1/2 teaspoon of the cayenne pepper and some of Emeril's BAM seasoning. To finish it off I added a splash of lemon juice.

I wouldn't go nuts trying to get the taste just right at this point, the filling tastes much better once it's been cooked in the oven.

Step 4: Unroll packages of crescent rolls onto foil covered cookie sheet. The easiest way to create one sheet of dough is to pinch the perforated seams together. (You can use a rolling pin but honestly, it just makes a sticky mess and then you risk your dough being too thin.) Once you've pinched the seams, cut the dough into small even squares. Take the crab filling and spoon a dollop into the middle of your crescent squares and fold the corners. You can fold all 4 or just 2. If you really want to get crazy you can brush them with a little egg white as a finishing touch.

Step 5: Pop those puppies in the oven until golden brown and ENJOY!

As you can tell from my pictures, the presentation of my delicious little nuggets needs some practice but for a first round they tasted so good I could care less what they looked like.

Let me know how your's turn out & please feel free to leave any other tips!

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