Crab Rolls right off the "Chop Block"

A Chop Block in football happens when an offensive player (O) - the guys with possession of the ball - tries to cut off a defensive player (X) - the guys protecting the goal/endzone - by coming from behind or from the side while the X  is already engaged with another O player...Basically the X is is caught completely off-guard by Os and pretty much defenseless to the chop.

Imagine being in TJMaxx eyeing a beautiful Michael Kors bag for half the normal retail price and you are distracted by womanZ complimenting your shoes while womanY swipes the bag off the rack when your back is turned. Cheap shot, but it's happened to us all.

#LadyNFLtip: Chop Blocks are illegal in the NFL and usually result in a 15yd penalty

Anywayyyy, when I saw this recipe from Pillsbury I knew I needed to try it out ASAP. Comparing it to a Chop Block is're going to be so distracted by how cheap and easy this is that your man is going to eat them all while you're still texting your girlfriends to brag...

Monday Night Football anyone?

I came across this picture today while playing around on Pinterest.
It's Monday, this is awesome. Enough said.  

"BLITZ!!" Buffalo Chicken Dip

Have you ever heard the announcer or your man yell "they're going for the Blitz!" during a game and wonder what they are talking about? Well its pretty simple really - a Blitz is when the defensive players (they guys without possession of the ball) rush the opposite team's quarterback to try and tackle him to the ground before he has a chance to throw the ball. If they accomplish that then it is called a Sack. 

#LadyNFLtip: the term Blitz in Football is considered to have started in San Francisco in 1957 and was originally called a "Red Dog" 

Now lets get to the more important part of this post....the Buff Dip

Kickoff 2012 Video

I took advantage of  GMC's booth at yesterday's NFL Kickoff Village in Times Sq. that offered to let fans pretend to be a "live" correspondent for Monday Night Football...

Here's the video - I felt silly doing it but it was fun to pretend to actually be part of the MNF action!

Enjoy :)

NFL Kickoff 2012

One of the many reasons I love working in New York City is the simple fact that there is a surprise around just about every corner…