Homecoming Queen or Football Player?

Is Mo Isom a talented athlete? Yes. Is Mo Isom a beautiful young woman? Yes. Should Mo Isom be allowed to play football for LSU? Hmm...

After reading an article about Mo's tryout for the position of kicker on LSU's football team the first thing that came to mind was No - women should not be permitted to play on football teams at the college level or in the NFL. Football is a man's sport, always has been and always will be. I'm a woman, I love the sport and I love to play a game of two-hand-touch, but at the end of the day it’s still a man's sport.

"When we go to kicking off into the corner, we count on our kicker making some tackles, and it's just not something I'm comfortable she's ready to do. It's one of those spots you really can't put a person that cannot tackle."
- LSU coach Les Miles

That being said I decided to learn a little more about this brunette beauty who dared to defy the laws of man. What I found surprised me…

Mo Isom is not only an amazing athlete (she kicked this 90 yard goal in 2008) but she's had her fair share of up's and down's in life. In school she was a target for bullies because of her "giant" 6 foot 1 frame and in an effort to make herself seem "smaller" she turned to bulimia and diet pills. Upon graduating high school (early I might add) she was given a scholarship to LSU and vowed to overcome her eating disorder. In 2009 she dealt with the pain of her father committing suicide and less than a year later she was involved in a horrible car accident on her way home for Thanksgiving break. Mo suffered damaged lungs, a damaged liver, broken ribs, a broken neck and sever brain contusions. Instead of giving up Mo worked her butt off in rehab and was cleared to play soccer again by the summer – and not just for LSU, she was invited to practice with the U.S National Team! On top of schoolwork and soccer she is also the host of a video series featured on LSU’s YouTube page titled “Meaux Vs.” and takes on fellow athletes in a variety of different challenges. Ohh and did I mention she was crowned LSU’s 2011 Homecoming Queen?

All in all I think Mo Isom is an amazingly talented young woman with so much to offer the world of sports, even if she doesn’t end up on the football field. So, if you get a chance I suggest checking out her videos, we might be seeing a lot more of Miss Mo in the future :)

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