Your Favorite Game Day Foods

NFL playoff season is quickly approaching!

Some women could care less about playoffs but I however look forward to the games even if my team doesn't make it (fingers crossed Jets). For me the most enjoyable part of NFL playoffs is the food. I love to cook and cooking for the guys is ten times more enjoyable. You never have to worry about leftovers and most of all they always compliment the chef! I like to look at it as training because one day I hope to be the mom who has all her husband's/son's friends over for the games. Haha.

I'm working on putting a post together to highlight a list of the Top 10 Game Day Foods. I would like to be able to add recipes and tips too, so if you have any ideas please feel free to comment!

Happy Birthday Rex!


In honor of Rex Ryan's 49th birthday I have decided to share a list of his Top 10 Quotes put together by Ed Easton Jr for in an article from this past January. For some reason my all time favorite "Lets go eat a Goddamn snack!" from HBO's Hard Knocks wasn't included? Ohh well, I'm sure we could add a few new ones but I thought these were worth sharing...Enjoy

A Tebow Centaur? Seriously??

Even if I did not have the slightest clue who Tim Tebow was or if I was oblivious to his completely over-hyped media image.. I would still die laughing if I saw this tattooed on someone's calf. And if this was my boyfriend, well I'd probably break up with him.

Some crazy Tebow lover had the brilliant idea to go into a Denver tattoo shop with this design and have himself permanently branded with the awful image of half Bronco's quarterback half centaur.

Guess it's no longer "ToneTime" - it's "Tebow Time"?

Football fans never cease to amaze...

25,000 Teddy Bears On The Ice?

If I saw a hockey fan walking to the rink with a teddy bear I would probably laugh.

Throwing stuffed animals on the ice after your team scores its first goal is not exactly the most manly thing in the world. But then I came across this video and now I will have to agree with Brian Noe of ESPN Radio104.5 and give fans a pass on the non-manly teddy bears because it is all for a good cause...

Countdown to Christmas - 20 Days!!

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

If you're like me you are probably desperately trying to find a good gift for your guy. This is no easy task - trust me. Maybe he really is as picky as I think, or maybe I just can't get out of the mindset that every gift needs to be perfect in order to earn that coveted "Wow bro, your girlfriend is awesome!" stamp of approval from friends when he shows off the new gift.

I'm trying a new approach this holiday season, its called Getting Your Shopping Done Early.... crazy - I know. So while trying to stick with my new plan I decided to go stop in to Bob's Stores this weekend and see what I could find.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got there because they had a TON of great gift ideas! They had great deals on regular sports apparel and things but they also had a lot of really cute Teamwear items for every age that would make perfect stocking stuffers.  I contemplated going for the Yankees logo ping-pong balls but decided against it since Boyfriend isn't really in a college dorm anymore and beer pong is probably not high on his list of current pastimes. After passing the ornaments, lawn gnomes, golf tees, etc. I came across the team Pillow Pets - (insert serious mental battle over buying one for myself here) Hmm another item for my Santa list?? After reminding myself that I was indeed shopping for other and not myself I chose a Yankees Christmas ornament for Boyfriend. I think it would be cute to write the date on the back and use as a memento. I still haven't decided what else to get, but at least I know I have some good options!

P.S -
Since this does happen to be the season of giving & sharing I'd love to share this link to the Bob's Stores coupons for this week. 30% off team gifts & 20% any single item!!

Happy Shopping =)