Who Says Holiday Shopping Is Only For Loved Ones??

Touch By Alyssa Milano Denver Broncos Women's Rivalry Hooded Sweatshirt with Tank Top-NFL EXCLUSIVE! - NFLShop.com

Happy Cyber Monday!!

Now that we've all awoken from our 'Turkey Comas' and caught up on the lost sleep from Black Friday shopping its time to take advantage of the online savings!

To be completely honest with you, Black Friday has never really appealed to me. The thought of waiting in line to get trampled by deal-hungry overtired housewives at 3am isn't exactly my cup of tea. Let's face it, the only people that should be awake at that hour are night-shift workers and drunk 20somethings stumbling home from the bar. That being said - the rest of us should stick to the comforts of shopping in our pjs and the deals Cyber Monday has to offer.

I was scoping out some sites to see what kind of deals are out there when I came across the lovely woman friendly line called Touch by Alyssa Milano. I'm not sure why I was unaware of this line before (it launched in 2007) but I have to admit the items are cute and not too cheesy. The prices aren't bad either. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't pay $25 for a heart shaped keychain but when you take in to account the licensing fees and the fact that everyone needs to earn some money, $54.99 for NYG Signature Jeans isn't bad at all. Trust me, I'm sure your man won't complain seeing his favorite team's logo on your cute butt ;)

Did I mention NFL Shop is featuring 20% until midnight tonight?!? SCORE!

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