Welcome To The Team

First let me say Thank You!!...for actually taking the time to click through my page =)

I have never written a blog before (unless you count my LiveJournal back in middle school) so this should be an interesting journey. I guess I will use this first post to explain my purpose and add some disclaimers.

I’ve always enjoyed sports for as long as I can remember. I would by no means consider myself and expert or professional, but I AM a fan. I wanted to create a blog to highlight the sports world as I see it – in a female’s point of view.

I love to watch games and follow certain teams but in reality female fans see the sports world much differently. Lets face it, when a girl sits down to watch a game she isn’t focused on the batting average of the player up next or who has the highest number of rushing yards, she may be aware, but the female mind is made to multi-task. We watch a game and think “Ohh he’s cute” or “Wow their uniforms are really ugly!” or “God I wish I had that cheerleader’s body.” All of these things cross our mind while still managing to grab the hot tray of wings from the oven, pay attention to the score, and most of all root for our team.

I’d love to tackle different topics related to sports that will spark the everyday girl’s interest. I’ve got a few ideas in mind but please feel free to comment with ideas or questions and I will do my best to research the topic and create a post. I don’t really know if there is an audience for this type of blog but I’m certainly eager to see where this ends up in a year from now.

Ready, set…..GO!

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